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Update Nov 1, 2011 Malware, Phishing, Cybercrime Against Bitcoin

I’ve spent 9 years tracking internet cyber crime, and am involved with numerous banks, security companies and industry working groups to track and prevent it. It’s no surprise that as the Bitcoin virtual currency expands in adoption and value, that criminals begin to attack it and those who use it.

Here is my summary of recent criminal activities against Bitcoin, Bitcoin businesses, and Bitcoin users:
– Oct 6, 2011. Bitcoin7 attacked, resulting in a permanent shut down of the service.
– Sept 16, 2011. Namecoin (a derivative of Bitcoin) was planned to be attacked at block #19200. A few days before, “ethical hackers” called off the attack.
– Sept 14, 2011. Bitcoin GPU mining trojan distributed over twitter retweets
– Sept 13, 2011. More Mt.Gox phishing
– Sept 12, 2011. User says Mt.Gox account hacked and funds sent to the Ukraine
– Sept 10, 2011. forum hacked by Cosbycoin
– Sept 09, 2011. 35 trojans targeting Bitcoin detected by Kaspersky Labs
– Aug 30, 2011. Mt. Gox Phishing attacks
– Aug 8, 2011. hacked. Goes bankrupt. Refunds only 49% of funds to customers
– June 20, 2011. MT. Gox exchange hacked, causing massive crash of Bitcoin value. Deeper analysis is here.